Electrical Support Products

Versabar manufactures a complete line of electrical feed and support products which can be used in conjunction with our strut and associated products. Versabar Channel and fittings are listed by UNDERWRITERS’ LABORATORIES, INC. for use as integrated raceway fixture supports. The Versabar “LITE-LINE” series of products have been designed for the suspension of the following illumination products:

  1. Continuous Flourescent Raceways
  2. Mercury Vapor
  3. Metal Halide
  4. High or Low Pressure Sodium
  5. Heavy Incandescents

Our diversified product line will enable you to design a system that exceeds all of your job specific needs. Cost effective and visually pleasing designs are easily achieved when you take advantage of our diverse offerings.

Please refer to the Versabar 50th Anniversary Catalog for a complete overview of electrical support products. The catalog will provide diagrams for proper installation and help you to visualize your construction ideas.

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